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Sayoli Professional 300 UV-C Air Steriliser


The Sayoli Professional Line offers three air-flow lamps for efficient air sterilisation. The devices are dedicated for disinfection of large spaces, where high working speed is essential.

The high effectiveness allows to purify a 300m3 space in less than one hour.

Sayoli Professional is based on UV-C radiation emitted by highest quality Phillips lamps. They do not generate ozone and can be used near people. The lamps guarantee constant UV output over 8000 hours, which translates to almost a year of continuous operation time. Sayoli Professional devices are equipped with a work time counter that helps you plan lamp replacement in advance and ensure always optimal efficiency.

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  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Sterilise a 300m3 space in under an hour
  • High quality, long-lasting Phillips UV-C lamps
  • Fast effectiveness in large spaces

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     Technical Specification

    • Disinfection Method - UV-C Radiation
    • Retention - 99.99% bacteria and viruses
    • Lamp type - High-power Phillips UV-C germicidal lamp

    • Dimensions - Height: 1320mm Width: 150mm Depth: 150mm

    • Noise Level - 45.0dB

    • Disinfection efficiency -

      Sayoli 300 TUV 55W: 300m3/60 minutes

      Sayoli 300 TUV 110W: 300m3/45 minutes

      Sayoli 300 TUV 165W: 300m3/30 minutes

    • Energy Consumption -

      Sayoli 300 TUV 55W: 75 W (1 TUV 55W UV lamp inside)

      Sayoli 300 TUV 110W: 130 W (2 TUV 55W UV lamps inside)

      Sayoli 300 TUV 165W: 185 W (3 TUV 55W UV lamps inside)

    • Power - 230V