Sayoli UK

N-Flow Technology

Ultraviolet light will kill the germs, but it takes N-Flow™ technology to really unlock its full potential. Sayoli is proud to present the very first N-Flow™ technology devices on the market.


Specialised lightbulbs take down germs mercilessly. It's well known and proven capabilities are broadly used in medicine, biotechnology and sanitation. The unique construction of the lamp takes the air through a series of chambers designed by AI software, where it is subjected to high efficiency germicidal light. According to recent studies (Journal of Nature and Science of Medicine 2020, 3, 8-12) UVC radiators used in SAYOLI lamps reached 4th level of disinfectant effectiveness (LOG4 – 99,999%).

This technology can now be brought under your roof to help protect your loved ones and keep your home and place of work safer.


The Sayoli lamp is designed to work constantly 24/7. Sounds wasteful? Not at all! To optimise its efficiency, N-Flow™ technology minimises the power used by the ultraviolet radiator and maximises the use of an air buffer around it. The radiator will use only small amount of electricity and fans pushing the air through are calibrated to work on low voltage.


Construction of air chambers in N-Flow™ devices provides almost undisturbed sound while air is flowing. Internal circulation was designed using AI technology, which brought the noise level below a quiet whisper. Thanks to this, you won’t even notice that it’s working.

How does it work? 

Contaminated air is pushed by a high speed fan through a series of chambers where, due to a specific motion, it flows and swirls around a radiator. Specially designed construction allows the light to be used in the most efficient way, disinfecting as much air as possible.

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