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Sayoli 200 Medical UV-C Air Steriliser with HEPA Filter


The Sayoli 200 is an ultra efficient air steriliser.
It not only purifies but also sterilises the air in your surroundings, eliminating viruses, bacteria, allergens and harmful substances.

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  • 2 Year Warranty

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  • Sterilise up to 200m3 of air
  • Long-lasting UV-C lamp
  • Four layered filter
  • Ultra quiet
  • Sterilise the air in a medium size room in just 20 minutes
  • Powder-coated steel case

Usage Areas

  • Offices, Restaurants, Bars
  • Hotel Receptions, Large Meeting Rooms, Event Space
  • Dentist Practices, Clinical Practises
  • Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Hairdressers
  • Schools, Nurseries

Silent. Fast. Efficient.

Sayoli 200 UV-C Air Steriliser generates only 14.9 dB noise, which means you can use it even when you sleep.

Thanks to the efficient fan and specially designed Flow 360° case, the steriliser purifies up to 200m³ of air per hour, allowing you to fill a medium-size room with clean and fresh air in just 20 minutes.

Antivirus UV-C lamp for air disinfection

The certified UV-C lamp is the heart of Sayoli air steriliser. It emits radiation that effectively neutralises the genetic material of viruses and bacteria by penetrating the capsid, its protective outer layer. As a result, the neutralised virus is no longer able to spread and infect other cells.

Super effective filter

Contaminated air is sucked into the device by a 200mm fan and flows through a four-layered filter.

The PET primary filter removes dust, pollen and other coarse particles circulating in the air. Then the certified (SGS) antibacterial layer stops and neutralises bacteria and allergens. Next, the air flows through an ultra-dense HEPA material which filtrates PM2.5 particles. The last layer is composed of activated carbon that absorbs formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances.

The HEPA filter maintains its properties for 12 months. After that period, it is recommended to replace the filter with a new one. Replacement filters will be available to purchase on soon.

Flow 360° Case

Sayoli Air Steriliser was designed to ensure highest performance in any place. Each wall of the device has openings that allow for unobstructed air flow from any side. You don’t have to worry that the device is too close to the wall, cabinet or sofa. Thanks to special holes you can also hang the device on the wall if desired.

Bulk Purchases

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 Technical Specification

  • Filtration Method - Adsorption, Mechanical filtration, UV-C sterilisation

  • Filter Type - Four-layered filter: PET primary filter, Antibacterial filter, High-efficiency particulate air filter, HEPA Adsorption filter with activated carbon
  • Retention - 100% coarse particles, 99,99% particles down to 2.5μm, 99,3% particles down to 0.3μm, 91% formaldehyde and other harmful substances, 99,99% bacteria and viruses

  • Lamp type - UV-C low pressure discharge lamp

  • Dimensions - Height 504mm, Width 250mm, Depth 253mm

  • Lamp Lifetime - 9000h

  • Filtration efficiency - 200 m3/h

  • Noise Level - 14.9dB

  • Energy Consumption - 16W

  • Power - 230V